In Soviet Russia, Bow wears YOU!

In Soviet Russia, Bow wears YOU!

(Does any individual even remember those jokes?)

Nancy sent me the link to this when it was still gloriously up for sale on eBay (from seller The Olive Shoppe). Whoever grabbed this is going to wang chung tonight, that’s for sure.

I kid, I kid, but only because I love. Or rather, I used to love. I’m sure I would have been all over this (or it would have been all over me) when it originally came out. Although I’m sure I would have preferred the bow to be fluorescent yellow, and I would have accented with an armful of rubber bracelets, no doubt. Not to mention playing Sade’s “Diamond Life” or The Fixx at full blast while getting dressed. I’m not sure I could wear something like this with a straight face now. (Of course, when do I wear ANYTHING with a straight face?)

But this dress, a lot more than all the hot pink & black electroclash fashions of the past few years, has let me know that I’m finally at the point where I can be the person who ruefully says that she can’t see wearing the retread of anything she actually wore the first time it was popular! It’s a milestone I’m delighted to reach, in fact. now if only my hair would hurry up and go all the way gray. Gravitas, it’s all about the gravitas …

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