A ideal storm

A ideal storm

Okay, which one of you folks sent this link to me? It certainly worked, I purchased this pattern (how could I not?) but I can’t find your name in my email. probably because searching on “pattern” “ebay” “midriff” returns about eleventy-billion results.

Of course, if I were trying to design a dress that included all my current fave elements (midriff band, contrast banding, kimono sleeves, full skirt) I would never have come up with anything as great at this.

My only question now (besides who to thank for pointing it out to me) is: what fabric? I kinda want something with a nap or a right-side/wrong-side contrast so I can make the banding only slightly different. (Although, knowing me, I’d cut it out the wrong way twice before figuring it out. I’m not good with “directional” fabric.) Ooh — maybe stripes! That would be easy to keep straight. Okay, that’s it. Stripes. Now, what colors? suggestions gratefully appreciated.

And if you sent this link to me, step up and take your bow!

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