Oh, Leola.

Oh, Leola.

You can’t see it in this image, however if you click with to the eBay auction (where this is noted for a couple much more days), the pattern envelope has “Leola” written on it in red ink.

I am consumed with curiosity about Leola. very first of all, if this was her pattern, I understand I would have liked her — this is one outstanding pattern. I question why she never made the dress? (The seller states it’s “factory folded”, however perhaps Leola was just very, extremely tidy?) perhaps she had a lot of sisters (or roommates) as well as that’s why she felt she had to compose her name on her pattern?

Maybe Leola got distracted by a life of hijinks as well as adventure, or perhaps she was planning to wear this gown on a hot date as well as he broke her heart, leaving her as well despondent to sew, or perhaps she joined the WAC as well as started using uniforms, instead.

I believe (basely solely on my onomastics-are-destiny reaction to the name Leola) that she was drawn in to this pattern by the eco-friendly print version. (Also, that’s the one I like.) According to Nametrends.net, the name Leola’s last popularity surge was in the 1910s, implying that when this gown came out it’s likely that she would have been about my age.

I would like to make this in bright main colors (big surprise) with a black midriff band as well as black piping between the tiers. as well poor it’s not my size.

Oh, Leola, why didn’t you ever make this dress? I requirement to know!

[Oh, as well as say thanks to you, everybody, for the kind birthday desires of yesterday! You all rock!]

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