The Hundred Dresses: Day 97

The Hundred Dresses: Day 97

This gown is one of the very first gowns I ever made of a vintage pattern (the precise pattern is lost to memory). I published about it a few years back as well as it was old even then — as well as I understand it’s older than my son, which puts it firmly in the grunge era.

I do truly like the collar as well as the lines of the bodice. I keep in mind clearly that this was a newspaper pattern … Anne Adams or Marian Martin or some such:

Covered buttons — this is before I understood the technique of utilizing white material (batiste or organza) beneath the patterned material if you don’t want the metal of the button type to show through:

Bias trim on the sleeves:

The back view:

And a closeup view of the back … the only thing I can state is WTH? Where did those seams go? If I weren’t a life-long teetotaler, I would presume that I was drunk when I made this:

And the belt-kit belt, which hasn’t aged well at all:

I should truly discover the pattern in my stock as well as make it up once again today, as well as show the two gowns side-by-side … just so people can see that, just just like whatever else, stitching gets much better with practice!

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