Meet Our Advertisers #12: Lisa of miss Helene’s

Meet Our Advertisers #12: Lisa of miss Helene’s

exactly how long have you been in business? since 1999, however I didn’t startselling patterns till 2000. I moved off eBay to primary street MallOnline’s pattern shopping center three years ago, as well as I just recently gotten theVintage fashion library site, as well. Yeah, I’m not one to toleratenot having anything to do!

what inspired you to go into the vintage patterns business? I waslooking for an fascinating method to make some additional money on eBay. Ineeded something that would be simple to hide from my rather OCDhusband, who hates clutter, so I started selling patterns, which were,I figured, simple to hide in a closet. That was 17,000 patterns ago.Hubby has now provided up hope of having a space that is patternless.

what did you do before this? My “real” task is as a phone triagenurse, taking phone phone calls from people who have medical questions.It’s quite amusing, most days.

where are you based? Indianapolis. We online about 8 blocks from thehospital where my hubby was born, in the community he dreamed ofliving in when he was a kid. Do I have a possibility of moving? Never. Idid, however, grow up moving all the time, as well as had moved 12 times bythe age of 16. I like having roots now.

More fun questions:

what’s the weirdest/best/craziest/most gorgeous thing you’ve everfound? most gorgeous as well as finest wouldhave to be my new preferred vintage pattern catalog (I collect). It’sa 1954 Spadea, full of Ceil Chapman, Tina Leser, Clare McCardell, JoCopeland, as well as more. I’ll offer it after I get it catalogued — MAYBE.

Coolest would have to be the faux-lero pattern, which I’m stillwaiting on Janet to sew, so I can see it (hint hint), one more wouldbe a 1932 vogue Pattern Book, that has a handwritten note next to onedress, stating that she’s using that gown on election night, “to theDemocratic candidate, Roosevelt’s, house, on election night.” Toocool.

Craziest would most likely be a vintage obstetrical corset, from the 40s.I can’t picture strapping in a expecting belly, however it came withinstructions on exactly how to change it every month, as the belly grew. Oye.

what do you have in stock that you can’t believe hasn’t sold? TheSchiaparelli as well as Adrian patterns I have. however oh, they’d have to belisted, right? Of my provided ones, I’d like to see the daring personwho snaps up this one!

what do you dream about finding? Pictorial evaluation catalogs fromthe 1920s, with my grandmother’s name in them. She was the originalMiss Helene, as well as was an editor for Pictorial Review.

what do you enjoy most about working with vintage patterns? I just like looking at them. It reminds me of years past, when women dressed like ladies, however it’s likewise such a piece of history, enjoying the patterns in styles, sizes, etc. I just like patterns, period.

what do you desire somebody would ask you about your site? Not so much a question, however I like input as to what people like to see on the site. most likely my preferred thing is when people ask me “can you discover XXX pattern for me because……” It’s like a treasure hunt, as well as I have a quite great success rate, even if they don’t understand the pattern number. as well as I just added credit history card ability to the VFL, so now people don’t have to just utilize PayPal, they can utilize plastic!

it’s a great day at work when …I discover a lot of 30s patterns, or some vogue Pattern books. Of course, no providing gets done, however I sure do enjoy looking at them.

if I ran the Web for a day I’d … get rid of spam.

the blogs I checked out (other than ADAD are …) The woman Can’t assist It(hilarious!), The vintage Traveler (such a nice read), The vintage Goddess/Damn great Vintage, as well as Zuburbia.

you’d laugh if you understood this about me … I don’t sew. I passedhome ec since I might cook. My stitching skills are rather limited,but it’s on my listing of things to master before I die. God understands Ihave sufficient patterns to select from!

Oh, as well as a couple of other advertiser things to let you understand about:

Sheila of Out of the Ashes decided to go camping this weekend as well as so she’s having a special “gone camping” sale up until Sunday, using 15% off. utilize voucher code GLAMIS!

Penny is renovating the Antique Dollhouse of Patterns, so her site will be down up until December. look for a huge sale when she comes back, as well as you can still email her with pattern requests!

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