Back again

Back again

I’m back from Las Vegas, where I did not get any fabric whatsoever. Not an inch, much less an ell. I was discouraged from attempting any explorations after my unsavory experience walking from the In-N-Out Burger back to the strip … let’s just say that I have a new appreciation for the wonders of zoning. (But an In-N-Out burger is worth any number of two-mile walks past assorted ‘gentlemen’s clubs’.)

Anyway, even though I didn’t get any fabric, I did manage to get the pattern above, from eBay seller nateesh. Isn’t it pretty? Square necklines with underbust gathers will get me every time.

In other clothing-related news: a TSA employee at O’Hare complimented my new camouflage-print skirt. Which absolutely made up for the “subcontractor” at the Las vegas airport who not only ARGUED with people and made them beg for bins for the conveyor belt, but also DROPPED my laptop into a bin after deigning to give me one for it. (Yes, I complained. So I’m probably on a no-fly list now.)

I’m intending to announce two fun Dress-A-Day-related projects this week. They’re exciting! and geeky! look out!

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