You Don’t know What You (Don’t) got ‘Til It’s Gone

You Don’t know What You (Don’t) got ‘Til It’s Gone

It’s probably a good thing that this stunner (sent to me by vintagecrochetgirl, thank you!) is already sold. I mean, I’m sure it was $100+, and I would have probably not been able to resist it even though it’s a teensy bit too small, and then it would have just hung in my closet, mocking me. I mean, I already have much more cocktail-wear than the hardest-drinking noir film divorce√© ever DREAMED of, and I work from home, I have a small(ish) child, and I don’t even drink!

This isn’t awfully noir; it’s very “my spouse is a very successful ad executive, and we’re having his junior colleagues and their wives (and that poor bachelorette miss Adams from the office, I hope she doesn’t wear her glasses, they age her SO, poor dear) over for drinks.” Don’t you think?

Anyway, check out Kitty girl Vintage, one-time home of this dress, which has tons of incredible stuff, lots of Ceil Chapman and Trigere and other big Names. Suitably priced, too, but if you need something incredible (and don’t we all, at one time or another?) you’ll get something amazing-er (I know one reader just had an aneurysm at that word, hee) for your dollars shopping vintage.

Years ago I held my breath and plopped down $80 (hey, I’m low-cost when it concerns clothes) for a beautiful navy.jpgnk-white atomic-print wiggle dress and it’s gotten much more wear than nearly anything else in my closet ‚Ķ (it was for the all-important college reunion). even after purchasing pink shoes to choose it, it’s still got an infinitesmal cost-per-wear ratio. and I’m pleased whenever I wear it, and how can you put dollars on happiness? (I’m getting a new digital video camera soon, nag me and I’ll put up a picture.)

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