[insert poor pun utilizing word ‘wrap’ here]

[insert poor pun utilizing word ‘wrap’ here]

Sorry this photo is so little — I couldn’t get a much better one. So go ahead as well as click with to see this excellent wool-blend wrap gown at Bluefly. It’s $150 or so, however don’t you want to look like an agate? I do.

I hesitate, though, since I am relatively klutzy as well as an overly-enthusiastic gesturer, as well as wrap dresses? They don’t stay so wrapped on me. So my advice is: if you are like me as well as lured to wear wrap dresses, always wear quite underclothing as well as slips. That method the embarrassment factor is not as high. prevent security pins: they either come undone as well as poke you, or they don’t hold as well as then you have a torn unwrapped dress. much much better to sew in additional snaps if you must.

This one only goes up with a size 10, unfortunately. Which is poor since wrap gowns look excellent on curvier figures!

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