How to shop Brooks Brothers

How to shop Brooks Brothers






Here’s a bit of fashion trivia for you beauty-and-brains bearing fashionistas out there: In 1818, Henry Sands Brooks made history with the first ready-to-wear fashion emporium in America. He called it Brooks Brothers, and since then the brand has delivered fashions to shoppers nationwide.

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No, this isn’t a history article. and no, it’s not about finding the perfect gift for your Dad, either. Brooks Brothers sells chic fashions for women and children, too. This is a how-to-shop guide to help you get your hands on the brand’s stylish offerings.

5 Things to know about shopping Brooks Brothers

What to expect

Merino Wool Cardigan from Brooks Brothers

If you have an idea in your head of what Brooks Brothers sells, we’re not going to try and alter your perspective, because you’re probably right. It’s a preppy store that carries polo shirts, blazers, and plaid vests for guys, along with work separates, along with argyle sweaters, oxford shirts, and more polo shirts. The Brooks Brothers aesthetic isn’t trendy, but it is classic and chic. If the timeless look is up your alley, you’ll like this shop. Said another way, it’s perfect for you if you used to buy your work clothes at express but now you need something a touch more mature.

Brooks Brothers also has a kids line, and it’s just as preppy as the adult collections.

Your source for country club outfits

Want to look the part at a golf outing with co-workers? Or perhaps you need to impress your future in-laws when you meet them at “the club.” This is the collection for you. Cute tennis outfits, vests and the like are all in this collection, and relatively affordable too.

Red fleece

Red fleece is the Brooks Brothers collection that pushes the boundaries of that country club vibe. The pieces are more casual, more colorful, and basically more fun. You could pick up a bright yellow silk cami to wear under your suit or a casual red top with ruffle sleeves. Red Fleece prices are also more moderate than the conventional collection.

Made-to-order menswear

Brooks Brothers also has a custom-tailored solution for menswear called Made to Measure. You get to design the garment, by choosing from 600 fabrics and selecting styles for collars, cuffs, linings, and more. You get measured and the pieces are made in Brooks Brothers own U.S. workshops.

How to save at Brooks Brothers

The website has a sale page, and the deals can be amazing. Granted, the prices are not rock-bottom to begin with, but 70% off might make this brand a lot more appealing. If you’re a big fan of the line, you could also sign up for emails, just so you get a reminder every time something goes on sale. The loyalty program offers another savings opportunity if you’re a frequent shopper. You’ll earn two to 6 points per dollar spent, depending on how much you buy and whether you have the store credit card. Lastly, use the store finder online to locate a Brooks Brothers outlet store near you, which is sure to offer some nice deals.

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