Hand-Printed & organic t-shirts

Hand-Printed & organic t-shirts

As you can see above, today we are promoting original, hand-printed, organic t-shirts. This is how I became interested in LostShapes brand.
LostShapes is a clothing company that sells t-shirts with artisan quality production. All the stencils are hand drawn, hand cut and hand screen printed in their studio . This actually indicates that they are putting their soul into every piece of clothing produced.
The main designer behind all the magic is called Anna Brindle. Anna’s purpose is not to follow trends or to keep up with modern fashion, but to create something original that will be remembered. working from her little garage studio in West Somerset, her creations have become a true inspiration for those who want to preserve the environment. She proudly announced on her web site :” I wouldn’t have started this service if I couldn’t find respectable vendors of organic, environmentally friendly, fairly traded products to print on. There are plenty of low quality, chemically blasted t-shirts being churned out by exploited workers already, thank you.”
Anna Brindle working in her garage studio

Her lifestyle, her love for nature and for retro designs is seen all over lost shapes creations. What I really like about her work is that she is not terrified of showing her true ideas and is not terrified of being original. Anna uses only organic materials? I mean, really, is she a super-woman? I will let you see for yourself and if you want to know a lot more about Anna and lost shapes check out the official web site page.
Hand-Printed & organic T-shirts

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