‘Koon Clothing’ speaks the language of basic type

‘Koon Clothing’ speaks the language of basic type

Going in the opposite direction of never tell Your Tailor, from my previous post, we have the nyc based t-shirt brand Koon Clothing. They are big admirers of graphic style as well as phone call themselves “insiders” of this trade for over a decade. The styles are the literal reflection of their passion for simplicity in graphic design. The garments line speaks in Simple type as well as is devoted to people who are influenced by simplicity, as well as desire to reveal it by using garments that speak, you guessed it, the basic form.
Dodd Chomchan, the owner of the line, as well as his team have produced 9 styles in 4 series for their very first collection. All products are printed with water based ink on 100% cotton tee shirts as well as packed with the ‘The K’ sticker & pin.
I can’t state anything poor about the styles as I am a fan of extremes – I like around tee shirts that are very striking as well as would really wear a lot more frequently than not the basic styles that Koon garments are sporting. I can see these styles working truly fantastic on a lot more colored t-shirts, however that would take you away from the fundamental idea of the line.
So if you are a fan of very little design, go discover your much-loved as well as don’t grumble about the cost since I have a voucher CODE for you! Enter KOON10NYC to get 10% off. You”re welcome!
Series 304Series 302Series 201Series 401Series 301Series 401 
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