Sapphire Bullets of Pure like

Sapphire Bullets of Pure like

Smokydiva’s got this listed on eBay as a get It now for $55, as well as it’s a B40/W32. as well as inspect out the crazy print!

If I bought this, though, I would spend the rest of my life looking for spectator pumps in black as well as just that shade of blue. I mean, wouldn’t you? In fact, the a lot more I sew for myself the a lot more frustrated I ended up being at not being able to make my own shoes. That’s quite much why I’m so excited about desktop fabbing. That’s exactly how you understand you’re an unreconstructed woman geek; you checked out Wired since you want to apply new tech to making quite clothes.

Check out Smokydiva’s other auctions — there’s a ruffled HoJo’s-blue rockabilly gown that nearly made me fail to remember that I look like a zombie motion picture additional in that color …

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