“What’s the Story?” week, part 1

“What’s the Story?” week, part 1

So all this week I think I’ll be publishing pattern images that evoke (at least for me) sophisticated and possibly impossible backstories. this one is from Your Pattern shop — check it out:

Is it just me, or is Anjelica Huston about THIS close from punching out Joan Crawford in this picture? Or maybe she’s hiding a gun behind her back? I think they are rivals in the same nail beauty parlor (thus the smocks), fighting for the affections of the head masseuse, Sven, who isn’t away at the front because he’s 4F. (Yes, I know that AH and JC aren’t really contemporaries, but this is the world of Pattern Envelopes, where anything goes.)

Later, it turns out that Sven is NOT 4F, but a German spy! JC and AH band together to expose his perfidy (he was hypnotizing his subjects during massages to extract secrets vital TO THE war EFFORT) and they each get a medal.

They don’t wear these dresses to the medal ceremony, just so we’re clear.

What do you think is going on in this illustration?

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