Hey Sailor!

Hey Sailor!

I know that this isn’t a real sailor collar but the flare + the bow just makes me think of one.

I love how the two regular-sized women are studiously ignoring the tiny woman in the box, who, like a zoo animal, is also trying to neglect her captors. This particular pattern seems to be sized for the bigger women; but considering that the captured one is wearing the same dress, someone need to have scaled it down for her, yes?

In my head the captors have found the smaller woman and are on their way to Fleet Week to make money exhibiting her in a freak show at Coney Island, but are having second thoughts. What’s your take?

This pattern is from Jen at MOMSPatterns, who is also having a quick sale: save 25% off your orders with MOMSPatterns Friday, Saturday & Sunday only using voucher code ‘mayday’. (Jen uses complimentary shipping to the us & Canada with the purchase of 5 or a lot more patterns, by the way.)

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Hey Sailor!May 8, 2010With 21 comments
It was Julie’s Birthday, but I got the present ‚ĶApril 9, 2008
Whatta dress!April 26, 2007

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