What’s the product cycle time at McCall’s?

What’s the product cycle time at McCall’s?

thanks to La BellaDonna, it looks as if I will have to run out to the fabric store tonight and pick this up — McCall’s 5137. I’m pretty sure, though, that I’ll have to make it in a size much smaller than my typical one, because the online catalog gives the finished bust measurement at a size 6 as 44 inches. There’s a difference between “easy and flowy” and “Barnum & Bailey”, you know.

I’d also lengthen the sleeves in view C and shorten the skirt. You know, god forbid I make up a pattern the way the drafters intended. I’d completely never be confirmed as a supreme Court justice, at this rate. (Get it? “strict constructionist”? Oh, supreme Court humor, why don’t you ever work?)

Also, the neck bands do not continue to the back (chintzy!) and there are (in my opinion) completely superfluous back center seams — I’d get rid of those by cutting those pieces on the fold.

Anyway: product cycle time. I first posted about Duro Olowu on 11 November 2005; this pattern was probably released in the last few weeks, so a six-month turnaround time isn’t too bad! So, McCall’s, if you’re listening, by November of this year I want a pattern for a pencil skirt with a very wide, reinforced waistband. No front seaming, no fancy hems, just skirt + waistband. Front scoop pockets okay. (I know I could draft it, but I’m lazy! and anyway, don’t you want my $5?) Kthxbye!

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