Today’s Pattern Huh? (and Sale): simplicity 4672

Today’s Pattern Huh? (and Sale): simplicity 4672

Caption: Somewhere, deep in the land of WTF accessories, these women have lost their way. See exactly how the blonde in the back is yodeling for help, while her sisters are oblivious to their fate?

Believe it or not, the hat as well as muff pattern include this dress. since someone, somewhere, looked at this completely nice gown as well as thought, “What this needs is FUR! fur cuffs! A fur hat! A fur muff!” as well as since everybody else just wished to go to lunch, or even just get back to their genuine work, they all nodded as well as filed out of the seminar space in a collective shrug of “what can you do?”

A fur hat, sure: leaving the principles of fur aside (let’s pretend it’s fake fur), it’s kinda kicky, kinda Moscovite. as well as it’s up there on your head where it can’t do any type of damage. But: fur cuffs? I’ve never seen a garment where fur cuffs didn’t turn into disgusting unwashable dust as well as germ magnets. It’s like using Swiffers at the end of your arms. 

And muffs! Muffs are the anti-pocket. Let’s see: why don’t we take your completely practical hands, as well as shackle them in front of you in a hot sweaty upholstered tube you can’t put down? Brilliant! What do you do with a muff when you (just for example) want to shake hands? strike your nose? Unlock a door? Unless it’s lined with nickels so you can utilize it as a cosh, I can’t see the point. as well as even then, the “beautiful woman pulls a teeny-tiny gun from a muff” schtick is so saying I bet just bring a muff gets you additional screening at the TSA checkpoints.

However: the gown itself is lovely, and Sandra is having a 20% off autumn sale, with Wednesday. Just mention “dressadaySale” in the checkout (and yes, you can integrate the sale with Sandra’s shipping discounts)!



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