“Rollkunstlaufkleid” seems to be the German for “roller skating dress.” (I just thought you might like to know.) I’ve been thinking a lot lately about making a dress to wear rollerskating. I mean, NOT like this ONE, please, no, are you crazy? (Although if you want one, click on the link to go to Ebay Canada. I am not making any comments as to why only Ebay Canada seems to sell any appreciable numbers of skating dresses.) and if you want one with a matching hair scrunchie (and, hey, why wouldn’t you?) you can click here.

Anyway. When I’m in nyc on a Wednesday, which is fairly often, I like to go rollerskating at the Roxy. Okay, “like” is a faint word. I am obsessed with rollerskating at the Roxy. I just love everything about it: the people, the music, the fact that everyone is set to maximum dork while on roller skates — everything.

One of the things I really love about the Roxy is that, really, practically anything goes, clothes-wise. It is nearly impossible to transgress the sartorial norms of the Roxy. Sure, many people wear jeans and t-shirts (or jeans and camisoles), but, at the Roxy, I have seen men in ballooning patchwork genie pants. I have seen men in hot pants and men in running tights. I have seen women dressed in what I can only describe as “Mad Max beyond the Rollerdome.” (There was chain mail involved.) I have seen bondage pants (I bet if you fall on those zippers, it really hurts.) I have seen tube tops. I have seen people in full “Ziggy Stardust” makeup. I have even seen skating dresses like this one — worn over cutoff camouflage cargo shorts. (That last seemed very close to violating the Roxy’s dress code.)

I typically skate in a circle skirt and cardigan sweater, so that I can go straight from work and have a pocket for ID and phone, but the unparalleled opportunity to wear something gloriously dumb keeps calling to me. It ought to be a dress, of course, and it ought to be something easy to skate in, so probably knit, full-skirted, or both. Not too short, but not so long that it brushes the tops of my skates and gets caught in the laces hooks. (Yes, I have my own skates.)

So I’m really thinking this one from a couple weeks back, done in pink camouflage jersey knit. but somehow that doesn’t seem to take full advantage of the latitude given at the Roxy. any suggestions?

Remember, one of my favorite circle skirts is white with fist-sized multicolor polka dots, and I wear IT TO work (and I’m not an instructor at a clown college) so I need to kick it up a notch for the Roxy.

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