How to Wear Boots All summer

How to Wear Boots All summer






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Not a fan of flimsy flip flops that offer zero ankle support and foot protection during your summertime endeavors? Well, you’ll be pleased to hear that you can continue to wear your boots all summer long. To avoid your feet from sweating when the temperature rises, it’s essential to choose breathable styles, coupled with outfits designed to keep you amazing and chic. If you’re ready to extend your boot wear year-round, check out these styling tips.

Go Low

Tall boots ooze style and sophistication; however, shorter boots are better equipped to deal with the summer heat. There are tons of ankle and mid-calf boot options on the market best now, including on-trend styles like suede moccasins, chain ankle boots, canvas buckle boots, and the increasingly popular desert boots.

Keep It Light

Black, brown, and other dark colors are better suited for the winter season months, as they are able to hide dirt and mud better than their lighter counterparts. Grays and tans are better suited for the summer season, keeping your overall look lighter.

Get Dressy

Boots are an outstanding alternative to high heels for all of your formal occasions. For those dressier events, opt for a pair of leather ankle booties with a stiletto heel and pointed toe. need to dress down? pair a casual floral summer dress with a pair of suede wedge ankle boots.

Try Western

Country girls, pull out those cowboy boots for this fun summer look. For a relaxed-fit, bohemian look, pair your favorite pair of feminine cowboy boots with a light colored sundress. consider hues like pale pink, yellow, or white.

Add Holes

Perforated boots, or boots with small laser-cut holes, give boots an artsy look, while allowing a breeze to flow through your footwear. short or tall, perforated boots in a lightweight material are a terrific option for warmer days and offer a unique, edgy look.

Rock a Romper

Rompers have rapidly become a go-to summer garment. They are lightweight, airy, and pair well with all types of boots. For a casual look, match a floral romper with a pair of suede ankle boots with side fringe. Looking for a look that’s a little much more daring? match a sundress or pair of cut-off shorts with black combat boots.

Summer temperatures are here, but that doesn’t imply you need to put away your boots until fall. While sandals, flats and wedges are a must-have for your summer footwear collection, a few pairs of boots can give your seasonal wardrobe the boost it needs to create a variety of diverse looks.

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