Did I Mention?

Did I Mention?

Did I mention that I picked up this pattern last week, from MOMSPatterns? No? Well, I did. I couldn’t resist. (It was, in fact, chanting “Resistance is FUTILE” in a tinny voice through my laptop speakers; I actually had to mute the darn thing. but it was too late.)

I have absolutely, positively no idea what fabric I’m going to make this in, but it will come to me. I’m sure of it. probably best around the time that it’s still slightly too cold to wear it. (It’s majorly too-cold here in Chicago best now. Snow, you were pretty at first, but, bored now …)

The attitudes of the women in the illustration here are just precious. certainly stripey-dress woman is a huge drama queen: “Why, oh why, will no one come on my picnic with me? Do I OFF-end? Am I so re-PUL-sive?” green dress and taupe dress, who are twins, of course, are studiously ignoring her (and communicating silently in their secret twin-language, which no one else understands). They are looking into the distance, hoping the bus will come soon so they can escape. (Don’t you think that’s the most plausible scenario for this illustration? I do.)

Wait — I lied. I would really like to make this dress in two coordinating prints, a darker one for the “T” middle and a lighter one for the sides and collar. That would be awesome. maybe even light-on-dark stripes for the middle, and dark-on-light stripes for the sides … like I’m going to be able to find that easily. Or at all.

(Talking about finding easily, or at all, this is typically the time of year where I look in vain for a reasonably-priced [under $50] vintage short wool coat. I’d love something in a crazy plaid and low-hip length … which doesn’t seem to exist, other than some Pendleton stuff I’m not crazy about. any suggestions?)

And … while I’m stretching this blog post to outrageous lengths, here’s today’s charity drive widget:


I can’t believe we’re over halfway there already … I better get to writin’ them drabbles! (Remember, I post a full-length secret Lives of dresses the day we hit the goal, and a drabble every day post goal-hit until Christmas!)

A couple people have asked if there was anything else they could do (because of limited funds, or because they can’t pay with a credit report card, or whatever), and if that’s you, you could also do this: send books to soldiers …

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