How to Wear: The Folds trend four Ways

How to Wear: The Folds trend four Ways






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If you thought the silhouettes sent down spring runways were looking a bit geometric, you were right. Origami folds were on display in spades, giving new styles an ’80s geo vibe. maybe the inspiration came from the ancient art form, or maybe it was thanks to fashion queen Rihanna‘s love of wearing everything draped and off-shoulder anyway. Whatever the reason, exaggerated folds are trending — so we’re showing you how to wear them.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen folds make a play for spring and summer, either. (Who can forget the infamous Zara blogger skort?) but it is the first time we’ve seen folds completely dominate and designate how we’re wearing the cool creases. It’s almost as if brands picked up on the exact slouch fans were going for and then just made those new lines the real deal. Not following? exhibit A: The classic dress shirt worn folded down. except now? You don’t have to do the folding yourself. That’s right people, pre-folds.

1. Folded Shirt

Derby Top, $128, The Reformation

This is the most recognizable take on the fold trend, and the one fashion babes themselves possibly pioneered unintentionally. We’ll take those design credits, thank you. Ditch the boyfriend button up you’ve been using in favor of a more tailored, fold top that shows just the right amount of shoulder. The bonus? It’s the perfect compliment to your staple vintage-wash denim.

2. Folded Skirt

Looking like the un-cinched cousin of the paper bag skirt, this casual fold-over style is begging to be paired with an equally relaxed tee and sandal. For days when you don’t feel like dressing up, but also don’t want to be caught in the same denim shorts, culottes or bermudas, shimmy into this lightweight linen design.

3. Folded Trouser

Black Crane Folding Pant, $91.99,

Part fold, part wrap, this pant is all trend. Wear these culottes with a chiffon print blouse for brunch with your girls or warm casual Fridays in the office. The wide silhouette offers comfort and polish, our favorite combination!

4. Folded Jacket

Black Off The shoulder Fold Over double Buttons Blazer, $45,

And when you’re stepping it up for an evening out, button up this double-breasted blazer with an asymmetric folding collar. pair it with your favorite trouser — or a leather pant, if you’re feeling wild — and watch as everyone else’s heads turn to acknowledge your fierceness.

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