A Mix of Styles for the Duchess as the Cambridges Return to St. Andrews

A Mix of Styles for the Duchess as the Cambridges Return to St. Andrews

We saw two a lot more ensembles today as the Earl and Countess of Strathearn continued their Scotland tour. 

The day began with some land yachting, followed by time at the university of Saint Andrews, where they met nearly twenty years ago.

Rebecca English of The daily Mail reports, “Last night they sealed their return to their former university town by enjoying a romantic meal at Forgan’s, a contemporary restaurant with a Scottish twist. The couple asked for a private seating area at the back of the eatery.”

Late this morning, they headed to the West Sands beach at St. Andrews.

They met a group from Fife Young Carers, an organization offering a respite for young people from their caregiver roles, allowing them to spend time with people of their own age.

From Simon Perry’s story for People: 

The couple were there to help a group of young carers have a day of respite out and about. The youngsters look after other family members, from parents, grandparents and siblings. ‘They asked them about how COVID has affected them and how life has been during the pandemic for them.”

And from Hello’s story: 

She and William talked to the six teenagers, aged between 13 and 18, about their lives caring for sick parents or siblings and how they balance their responsibilities with school work and trying to do ordinary things that teenagers do.

The Duchess asked if their friends at school realised the challenges they face. “Is it hard for them to relate to what you are doing?” she asked. “Do you think people in general are understanding?”

As they talked about their lives, she asked: “Do you find it hard to find time for yourselves and do things?”

William praised them for the care they gave their loved ones. “You guys do really well,” he told them. “You must be very pleased of yourselves, guys.”

A video from The daily Mail’s Rebecca English. 

 Kensington Palace reports, “A young carer is defined as a child or young person whose life has been affected by looking after a family member with a physical disability, health problem addiction or mental health issues. In 2019, 6,785 young people in Fife identified themselves as young carers, equating to around 1 in 8 young people in Fife having a caring role at some point in their life.”

A local company, Blown Away, provided the land yachts. 

And they’re off. 

A video by means of Kensington Palace. 

Back to Simon Perry’s people story: 

But it wasn’t all plain sailing for William. towards the end of the 20-minute session, he got stuck in some wet sand, well away from the course. “Come on, granddad,” Kate called out to him.

William squealed with competitive delight as he passed her during their limbering-up laps of the course up and down the beach. A couple of times Kate got becalmed as she made the turn — because she had moved too far into the headwind. At other moments, with too much wind in her sail, she veered on only two of the three wheels.

And from Hello: 

Always so competitive, he had been determined to get his technique ideal to make sure maximum speed. 

“I want to go faster. I need to make sure I’ve got the ideal angle,” he told twins Jamie and person McKenzie, who run the business.

“Wahoo!” he yelled as he pulled away from Kate. 

“I’m catching you!” she shouted, laughing.

After the races. 

Next on the agenda, engagements at the University. 

From The daily Mail’s story: 

On St Salvator’s Lawn, The Duke and Duchess joined Geography and history of Art students – the courses studied by William and Kate, respectively – to learn a lot more about the ‘Can Do’ scheme, a joint initiative between the university and the St Andrews Students’ Association. 

The Duke and Duchess also paid a visit to the Can Do marquee, meeting students who were able to plan and host their Covid-secure extra-curricular activities and society events in the space.

Activities hosted by the group included ballroom and Latin dancing, as well as charity and wellbeing events. 

The Duke and Duchess also participated in an interfaith discussion with students from the University’s school of Divinity and interfaith campus groups. A video from Roya Nikkhah of The Sunday Times. 

The Duchess on campus. 

We return to The daily Mail’s story: 

Finally, The Duke and Duchess planted the first tree for the St Andrews Forest, one of the crucial initiatives in the University’s action plan to become carbon neutral by 2035. 

Conceived by students on the University’s environmental Sustainability Board during the pandemic, the forest will have multiple sites across the world, and supply new habitats for wildlife, green spaces to aid mental health and wellbeing, as well as opportunities for education and research.

Another quick video. 

The royals then spent time with fishermen from the Pittenweem Fishermen’s mutual association and their families. 

They heard about the fishing industry in Fife and the impact of the last year on Scotland’s East coast fishing communities.

The couple was shown the fishermen’s boats at Pittenweem Harbour on the Firth of Forth.

And they spoke with people who work in various stages of the fishing process.

They also spoke to families and were introduced to the association’s president, and the harbourmaster, Alan Anderson.

The duo clearly enjoyed their time.

They also had some seafood from local restaurateur Amy Elles, who buys produce from the harbor at the local market.

More from The Courier: 

The chilled langoustines, crab and lobster – all caught in the Firth of Forth – were laid on by Amy and Jack Elles of the Harbour Cafe in Elie.

And, by coincidence, it turned out Jack attended both Eton and St Andrews university with Prince William.

“I thought it was you,” said the Prince. “I remember you.

“Your hair’s grown a bit longer considering that then.”

There were lots of eager to see the royal visitors. 

Flowers for the duchess came from eight-year-old Sam Scott of Pittenweem. The Courier reports, Sam “…was joined by brother Sean, 15, mum Pauline, and daddy Richard, who is vice president of the fishermen’s mutual association. Richard, who catches around 180 lobsters a day in a one-man operation, said it had been a challenging year.” 

Another view. 

Another video from Rebecca English.

Now for our look at what Kate wore today, beginning with her casual beach ensemble.

The Duchess wore her Barbour Longshore jacket atop a new sweater, the Nordic crew Jumper (£115, about $165 at today’s exchange rates) by Campbell’s of Beauly, a Scottish brand. 

Made in Scotland of 100% lambswool, the sweater is available for pre-orders; a lot more stock is expected in July. lots of thanks to Bojanana for her identification of the sweater. 

The Duchess wore the Brora tee shirt first seen yesterday, the Dobby Cotton Blouse (£119). 

We saw the return of Kate’s See by Chloé Ankle Boots.  

The Duchess’s hair was in a ponytail; her camo baseball cap isn’t yet identified.

The Orelia Chain Huggie Hoops ($22) also returned, shown below as worn on another occasion. 

And now for a look at the Duchess’s second ensemble.

We begin with her blazer by British heritage brand Holland and Cooper, the label’s Twill double Breasted Blazer (£549, about $775). It features classic double-breasted staying with a slim silhouette in 100% wool with front flap pockets.    

The jacket is made in England of wools that are woven in the UK. A closer look at the details.

Thank you to lady Coventry for this ID. 

Beneath the jacket, it looks like the Duchess was in Erdem’s Lotus Stripe Jumper ($895). The piece is made in Scotland of  100% cashmere with ribbed detailing at the hem, neckline, and cuffs. 

In addition to being offered by yes Style, it is also available at Erdem. thank you to Middleton Maven for her ID of this piece.  

We saw a new pair of trainers, the Veja +NET sustain Esplar Sneakers ($120). The style is also offered at The White company ($139), at Matches Fashion, and at Bergdorf Goodman.

Thank you to Kates Closet and Christine Ross for their ID work on the sneakers. 

The Duchess brought back her Freya Mini Hoops with Detachable Pearls ($138), shown below as worn for another engagement. 

Kate also wore her Spells of Love double-strand necklace today. 

Thoughts on this ensemble from The Telegraph’s fashion column by Emily Cronin, senior fashion editor. 

The simplicity of Kate’s look belies the consideration that would have gone into every piece. Choosing items from British brands for such a high-profile visit to a place so crucial to the couple’s relationship ensured that the British fashion industry would take pleasure in promotion and celebration on a global scale. 

Holland Cooper, founded by Jade Holland Cooper, is known for rural-luxe outerwear. The jumper, meanwhile, shows the casual side of Erdem, a brand better known for red-carpet gowns than knitwear. (Kate has worn designer Erdem Moralioglu’s floral dresses on a number of occasions, including to open past Chelsea flower Shows.)

I’ll have a separate post shortly on tonight’s look: tartan and earrings on lending from HM for a drive-in motion picture at the Palace of Holyroodhouse.


The Fife Young Carers site is here; the organization’s Facebook page is here, and its Twitter feed is here.


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