It’s a double Duchess Zoom for Children’s Hospice Week & a preferred fashion Flashback

It’s a double Duchess Zoom for Children’s Hospice Week & a preferred fashion Flashback

A new video with the Duchess has been released to mark Children’s Hospice Week. 

The call was hosted by not one, however two Duchesses; the Duchess of Cornwall co-hosted. The call was made last Wednesday; it is believed to be the first-ever joint engagement for the two women. (Without other royal household members.)

During the call the Duchess of Cornwall said: 

‘I was going to begin by describing what it felt like when I very first went to go to a children’s hospice as well as that was Helen & Douglas home which I believe was about 13 years ago. I have to admit before the very first go to I was filled with a specific amount of trepidation since I was not sure what I was going to find. Whether I was going to discover a sad, unhappy location or what I was going to find. any type of method when I arrived, I was completely amazed by what I found. The feeling of warmth, as well as laughter as well as happiness as well as welcome. The nurses as well as carers who look after the children are the most fantastic people. It was so uplifting as well as the opposite to what I believed it was going to be.’

Children’s Hospice Week runs from June 22 – June 28 this year. The event is organized as well as managed by together for short Lives, a charity working to guarantee seriously sick children as well as their families can have “the most of every moment they have together – whether that’s for years, months or only hours.”

This has been a especially challenging year for the children’s hospice motion in the UK.  Fallout from the pandemic has severely impacted donations with charity shops closed as well as fundraising events canceled. Charity Today UK offers extra background on the present situation. 

But as they are all charities, they have faced unprecedented challenges. With charity shops having been closed from March up until mid-June, as well as supporters have been not able to take part in difficulty as well as fundraising events, they requirement support now much more than ever. 

You may recall Kate officially opening an EACH charity shop in March 2016.

More about the call from Victoria Murphy’s town as well as country story.

The royal duo, who have both been supporters of the work children’s hospices do for numerous years, hosted a video call with representatives from three of their patronages. Children’s Hospice South West as well as Helen & Douglas home are two organizations Camilla has been patron of because 2014 as well as 2007 respectively. 

The representatives from the Duchess of Cornwall’s patronages were Eddie Farwell, co-founder as well as chief executive of Children’s Hospice South West, as well as Clare Periton, chief executive of Helen & Douglas home were likewise on the call.  Here is a extremely quick clip from the call. 

The household you see on the call is the Delfs, who lost 9-year-old Fraser in January.

Fraser’s brother, Stuie (13), described his younger sibling as his best friend. Below, the two boys.

The Delf household lived with Fraser for seven weeks at the EACH (East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices) hospice in Milton. You may recall that EACH was one of Kate’s very first patronages.

The Duchess asked the Delfs exactly how they were doing now as well as exactly how care was, particularly during a pandemic.  much more from Simon Perry in his people article. 

Mom Carla told her they have “up as well as down days. I believe we discovered it incredibly difficult in lockdown not being able to have our household as well as our friends since it’s not the exact same doing it through Zoom calling.”

And they told royal mother Kate of the support they got from EACH.

“They are just such amazing people. The care was amazing – not just towards Fraser, making sure he was comfortable however our wellbeing was met.”

The household had cooked meals provided, they had a go to from dad Christmas in December as well as they created other special “memories” during the time their child was in hospice.

The Duchess promised to do something extremely special during the call. The evening reveal has more: 

Mr Delf, 42, said afterwards: “She said she was going to plant a sunflower in memory of Fraser.

“I’m not sure which Each it’s going to be however at one of the hospices.”

The sunflower has been adopted as the emblem of hospice care, a sign of delight with the seeds representing patients as well as the surrounding petals as love, care, as well as compassion.

Stuie Delf spoke about his fundraising work, particularly during the month of may when he ran a 5K every day.  As of this evening, Stuie has raised practically £16000 for EACH.(If interested in donating, this link takes you to Stuie’s just Giving page

EACH reports that after the call the Stuie’s mum, Carla said: “The call was extremely laid back. They were beautiful as well as simple people to talk to. They told us their experiences of hospices, then asked us about our journey as well as a few questions. I felt extremely honoured that we had that chance to tell our story.”

Kate referred to the work being done by the hospice organizations as “extraordinary”, likewise saying, “It’s a credit rating to the personnel that they can offer the environment, the nurturing area for those families to assist them go with long or short term care. It’s truly awe-inspiring”.

The Royal household posted on social media today about the work done by senior royals with children’s hospices throughout the UK. Below, the Prince of Wales during an engagement at Tŷ Hafan in Wales; he is the charity’s Patron.  Tŷ Hafan provides “comfort, care as well as support to children with life-limiting conditions as well as their families in Wales — making a short life a full life.” 

Here you see the Duchess of Cornwall at the official opening of the Little Harbour Hospice in Mid Cornwall, one of three entities under the Children’s Hospice South West umbrella.

Sophie, Countess of Wessex, likewise works with children’s hospices. Below, during an engagement at one of the shooting star Children’s Hospices. She is the Royal Patron of that organization.

Sadly, shooting star is an example of the funding crisis; the charity closed one of its two locations. much more from a everyday Mirror story:  

Sophie, Countess of Wessex, patron of shooting star Children’s Hospices, has been left “incredibly saddened” after it shut one of two sites dedicated to helping 800 seriously sick kids.

The charity, which has been visited by other senior royals including Prince Charles as well as Camilla, as well as the Duchess of Cambridge, offers emergency respite as well as end-of-life care.

But a Mirror probe has discovered it is one of dozens of hospices, which depend on the public’s generosity, facing unprecedented hardship.

Below, the Duchess visiting one of the shooting star locations in 2013. 

The East Anglia everyday Times reports “Five of EACH’s 43 shops opened last week as well as Children’s Hospice Week hopes to raise much more funds to plug the space left by Covid-19.” Hopefully, much more shops will be able to open as some of the lockdown restrictions are eased in the UK. It is difficult terrain for non-profits in so numerous places, including the United States. 

Now for our look at what Kate wore during the call. 

It looks like she may have been wearing the Diane von Furstenberg Maja gown again.

The gown is 100% silk as well as features elbow-length dolman sleeves, a vee-back with 9-snap closure, as well as a detachable self-belt.  We very first saw the gown when the Duke & Duchess attended a July 2011 reception welcoming them to Los Angeles. below you see them with governor Jerry brown as well as his spouse Anne Gust Brown. 

Kate brought the piece back for the cocktail celebration the evening before Zara Phillips as well as Mike Tindall were married. below left you see Kate in the gown at the Los Angeles reception; the center as well as best photos are from that pre-wedding celebration in late July 2011.    

While we can’t be 100% specific it was the Maja, it definitely looked like that was what the Duchess was wearing. This was a look I always loved on Kate; it is fun to see what-we-think-is-the-Maja again. 

The Duchess wore her hair down as well as straightened; it appears she was wearing her Catherine Zoraida Fern Hoop earrings ($204).


Our other topic today – a fashion flashback preceding even the very first appearance of the Maja dress.  In June 2011 the Duke as well as Duchess paid a go to to the Irish Guards.

The event was Armed Forces Day as well as Prince William awarded medals to some of the Guards.

More from the worldwide company Times: 

 [Prince William] presented the Elizabeth Cross to the families of three fallen servicemen. Besides this, both William as well as Kate awarded campaign medals to those who lost limbs after being blown up by home-made bombs during the six-month Afghan tour.

This was Kate’s very first official armed forces appearance.

Here is a better look at what Kate wore nine years back Thursday.

She was in a bespoke look by Alexander McQueen. The military-inspired style was fitted, with a high collar, three-quarter sleeves, double-breasted gold buttons, as well as take on epaulets. 

The Duchess’s fascinator was made by Rachel Trevor-Morgan. 

The Duchess carried a clutch by Anya Hindmarch, the British designer’s ‘Marano’ style (no longer available). She likewise wore a pair of navy satin-finish Prada pumps. 

The Kiki McDonough Citrine decrease earrings made an appearance as well as it was the very first time we saw Kate wearing the gold shamrock brooch belonging to the Irish Guards. We have because seen it numerous times. The system determines to whom it will be loaned; previously it has been worn by the late Queen Mother, as well as the Princess Royal, Princess Anne. 

We were likewise able to get a good look at the charm bracelet believed to be a gift from the Duchess of Cornwall.

One side of the charm features Kate’s cipher, the script “C” as well as ducal crown seen above, while the other side has the Duchess of Cornwall’s cipher. 


Here is the entire 7-minute+ video. 

And right here is Stuie Delf thanking people who donated to his fundraising efforts (this link takes you to Stuie’s just Giving page). 


Visit the together for short Lives website here; the group’s Facebook page is here; its Twitter feed is here; the charity’s Instagram page is here

Learn much more about EACH at the group’s website; you may likewise comply with the organization on Facebook here, as well as on Twitter here

The full evening reveal piece is here; the everyday Telegraph’s story is here; the everyday Mail’s protection is here; 

Victoria Murphy’s town as well as country story is here; Simon Perry’s people short article is here; Danielle Stacey’s hi piece is here

My buddy Patricia Watts has relaunched her site, A Petite Princess, as well as this publish has info on a fundraiser for EACH



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