Over the previous week or two, I’ve been teaming up on a fun designing task with Seeker Boots, part of which I’m mosting likely to share today, because, well, it was really rainy yesterday.

I do not think I’m alone in having problem looking gathered as well as feeling confident on dreary, soaked days. I always simply intend to place on a saggy sweatshirt as well as tights and also call it a day. I’ve uncovered though– that I can accomplish this exact same cozy, comfortable feeling in a much more outdoors world-appropriate appearance. Are you prepared for it?

Plaid button down + belted, waterproof coat + denim tights + amazing, tall boots.

These are my reliable Paige Denim Verdugo leggings, that I have actually had for years. They’re a perfect best jean, particularly for tucking into a set of boots like these ‘Minister Apsley’ Hunters. The various other key here is having a fantastic jacket. As well as on a rainy day, it’s reached dismiss a little water– umbrella or not. I find that a little waist-definition is all I require to feel instantly much more womanly as well as advanced on days like this.

The very best component? This attire is one that you can repeat over as well as over. Change up your dark denim for a vivid pair, change out a plaid flannel for an oxford. Hair up, hair down! Ta-da, the easiest wet day jeans look, ever.

Images by Amanda Boyce.

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